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Minimalist Styling Tips for Your Mini-malist

06 July 17

Following our previous post on the benefits of adopting minimalist fashion, we thought you’d be curious about what the Hux Family has to share on minimalist styling tips!

Below are our top five tips that will help you on your minimalist journey with your little one/s:

  1. Think neutral! Neutral colours are defined as unsaturated hues that are visually relaxing, and have great flexibility to blend in with a variety of colours and combinations. Incorporating more neutral coloured clothing items will encourage the easy sharing and exchanging of clothes between genders—an ethical plus!
  1. Be strategic with your colour scheme. Not only does sticking to a cohesive colour palette end the hassle of needing to do multiple laundry runs with “like colours,” it also resolves the issue of owning a clothing item that only seems to match with one other item. Perhaps you could start mapping out your child’s wardrobe by choosing no more than five (5) colours!
  1. Don’t shy away from edgy/playful graphics and accessories. It’s a minimalist newbie mistake to cut you and your child from having fun. Minimalist fashion can be as fun as you want to make it! Find every opportunity to add a creative touch to the way you mix and match different clothing items; just by adding a cute hat or headband makes all the difference. This allows kids to still be kids without sacrificing style.
  1. Invest in quality organic material. Remember, quality over quantity! At Huxbaby, we use GOTS certified organic cotton wherever possible and ensure to print using only non-toxic, environmentally friendly ink. By purchasing quality material, you will notice immediately the immense difference in the way clothes look and last on your child.

Extra tip! If your child is old enough to express his/her own opinions, be sure to encourage them to point out what colours/style/combination he/she likes or fancies. By doing so, you’ll be able to help them explore their own creative minds and grow their confidence in making independent choices. Of course, if your baby is too young to make chic decisions just yet, go all out—freedom is in your hands! 😉