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Organic this, Organic that: Why is Organic Fashion So Important?

07 July 17

With organic and eco-friendly fashion becoming more of a trend these day, many people are jumping onto the bandwagon without being fully aware of what organic fashion really is and the kind of positive change they can bring to the environment by supporting these products. As a brand that values sustainability, and hopes to nourish the environment the best we can, we decided to share some of the reasons why we emphasise the use of organic elements in Huxbaby products.

Organic fashion is a category of clothing and accessory items that have been made using as little chemical as possible, to ultimately limit our footprint on this planet.

Many will be taken aback by the amount of damage the fashion industry has on the environment. Synthetic materials are widely used across factories, and despite being made of petrochemicals that are severely polluting to the environment, they are continually being produced widely across global factories. Furthermore, synthetic materials are non-biodegradable—meaning, they are not easily disposable.

Even natural fibres are problematic when non-organic. Non-organic cotton, for example, often use more pesticides than other crops, hence increasing the level of impact it has on the health of cotton farmers as well as our local eco-systems. Studies have found conventional cotton to use 16-25% of insecticides [1] and 10% of pesticides globally each year [2] (refer to links below). Huxbaby takes care to incorporate GOTS certified organic cotton and cotton blends wherever possible. This way, we can support happy farmers, happy environment, and happy you (our loyal Hux fam)!

Dyes are another element of clothing we encourage consumers to be wary of. With the ever-increasing demand for the manufacturing of clothing and accessories, the use of toxic chemicals in production has become a common tactic for many factories around the world. The implications of using these toxic dyes, however, are frightening. AZO dyes, for instance, have been classified to be carcinogenic, easily affecting those directly involved in the making and causing negative impact on the environment. This is why, at Huxbaby, we ensure to use only non-toxic environmentally friendly ink for all our prints.

By investing in quality organic fashion, you are helping the world create a cleaner environment, healthier farmers/workers, and increased production of comfortable allergy-free apparels.

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