Sustainability - Original

We believe successful companies of the future are ones humbly shaped by their commitment to sustainability – the underlying motto to design and sourcing at HUXBABY. There is nothing more rewarding than giving back the love we receive from our loyal customers and the planet – key elements that keep our little Hux hearts beating.

Each one of our carefully-thought-out pieces are sourced from major apparel-producing countries, India and China. Whilst holistic and responsible sourcing strategies have been set in place within our works, we strive to continue reviewing and refining the processes that we follow. This includes, communicating with all our suppliers and ensuring they too are operating with the same high standards. Whilst recognising the ever growing dynamics and challenges of the manufacturing industry, we are confident in the power of eco-friendly procedures and our ability to make a positive difference in this world.

The following has been written to serve as an expression of HUXBABY’s dedication and pledge to conduct business with utmost integrity, openness and respect for the rights of all individuals and key labor principles found within our supply chains. We promise to make responsible and ethical sourcing the absolute core of all ambitions and approaches taken to produce goods at HUXBABY.


Worker Wellbeing & Workplace Standards

HUXBABY is committed to working directly with each of our suppliers to ensure safe, healthy and impartial workplaces. We are committed to raising awareness, in all relevant areas of the organisation, of the importance of maintaining and improving the well-being of employees and their workplace conditions.

Minimising Environmental Impact

HUXBABY is committed to ensuring all suppliers are respectfully abiding by their local environmental laws and regulations, along with additional brand/customer-specified requirements structured to assist in the reduction of possible environmental impacts – e.g. the use of sustainable manufacturing processes, natural fibers, etc.

Product Integrity, Safety & Origin

HUXBABY is committed to creating quality products that are safe for consumers and meet all regulatory requirements.

Supplier Selection Standards

Prospective suppliers undergo rigorous compliance procedures that include comprehensive review of supplier records and on-site inspections of factory operations, to ensure regulatory standards are strictly met. Suppliers are also provided with post-audit assistance to address issues of non-compliance and improvement of operational performances.

Purchasing Policy

HUXBABY has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. We are committed to act professionally, fairly and with utmost integrity in all our business dealings and relationships.


HUXBABY thrives to work with suppliers that share common values. Meaningful partnerships is vital, especially with those known for their commitment to quality and ethical performances. We avoid one-off orders. Our vendors are not limited to being mere vendors-of-record, but are considered for incremental business and strategic partnerships – we have found this helps immensely in the better management of resources, for both the supplier and the brand.

Responsible Approach

At HUXBABY, we believe adopting an ethical lifestyle is key to resolving, or at least, reducing a lot of the environmental and health-related risks that are present today – a reason why we have implemented a measurable approach through which we can maintain ethical procedures and nurture continuous growth in our works.

Our supply chain partners are GOTS, SEDEX – SMETA, and ISO (9001-2008) certified – clearly demonstrating the measure by which we see their values aligning with ours.

GOTS – Why Choose Organic?:

Choosing organic means supporting the use of renewable materials and nurturing mother earth so our children can enjoy a toxin-free future. Organic cotton is grown using untreated seeds (strictly non-GMO), relying on processes such as natural defoliation and crop rotation. Crop rotation is especially important, as it allows for the soil to retain water efficiently, reducing the chances of soil erosion and increasing soil fertility and crop yield.


Being one of the most widely used social audit procedures in the world, SEDEX – SMETA provides a globally-recognised way of assessing responsible supply chain activities – including health and safety, labour rights, and environmental and business ethics.

ISO (9001-2008):

Quality Management System (QMS) focuses on meeting customer expectations.