Our philosophy centres around creating considered pieces that don't compromise our planet or the beautiful people who create them. With a commitment to ethical and sustainable production, we aim to minimise our environmental footprint and promote positive social practices.
At present, 75% of our collection is made with at least one responsible element, e.g organic cotton, and 50% of our range is gender neutral. Creating pieces to be enjoyed and passed down between siblings is a responsibility aspect of our design that we are well known for.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. All of our organic cotton is certified, ensuring they contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres.

Presently, 80% of the cotton used in our range is organic cotton, a number which we are very proud of and see continuing to grow.

Organic cotton has many benefits - it’s biodegradable, produced without pesticides and most (about 80%) of the global crop is rain-fed. It also promotes soil health and helps lock CO2 into the soil, helping to mitigate climate change. Compared to conventionally grown cotton, organic cotton is safer for both the people working with it and for the end user.

Recycled Materials

Beginning from AW21 (February 2021), we will be using only GRS-certified recycled polyester to make all of our outerwear and swimwear. 

Recycled polyester is made from recycling PET bottles, old garments, and waste fabrics that are collected and remade into new polyester fibres, yarn, and finally new fabric. GRS is the gold standard certification for recycled materials and includes rigid controls of chemical use and tracking, but also of working conditions.

Considered Design

Huxbaby is a considered, design-led brand. We create pieces with longevity in mind, and with the intention that they be shared and passed down. All our fabrics are 100% unique to us as we design from the yarn - we determine the weave, weight, stitch, colour and design all our prints in-house for each Huxbaby piece.

We choose to incorporate circular design principals for extended product life, minimal waste, repair, and recyclability. One example of this is our reversible styles which are essentially 2 pieces in 1, making them functionally more sustainable garments.

Ethically Made

We support building fair and transparent supply chains that provide jobs, foster people’s skills, strengthen worker’s voices and advocate for vulnerable groups.

All our suppliers are certified by non-profit, internationally recognised organisations such as SEDEX and BSCI and must be fully compliant with the Huxbaby Supplier Code of Conduct. We support fair wages, no child labor, workers’ rights, and gender equality. 

Healthy Garments

Every season our garments are analysed by an accredited third-party testing laboratory to meet the CPSIA standards.

- We use AZO free dyes in our prints

- All our products are free from harmful substances such as lead, phthalates and for flammability.

- allowing only 1/50th of the sun's uv radiation to reach the skin.

- We use AZO free dyes in our print fabrics

Recycled Packaging

Packaging plays an important role in protecting our product during transport and reducing product waste through damage. Traditional single use plastics take hundreds of years to break down in landfills which result in plastic waste accumulating year after year.

We recognise that it has a major impact on our environment, and we are working hard to minimise this impact by removing, reducing, and reusing packaging where possible. Beginning from AW21 (February 2021), we will be using 100% GRS pre-consumer recycled LDPE polybags to protect our clothing.